The GSA at GHS is Awesome!!

I knew that returning to GHS would be fun… but I had no idea it would be that much fun!!

Courtney, thanks for not only letting me hang out with your students, but also for bringing that huge pile of cookies.  If you promise to bake more snicker-doodles, I’ll definitely come back!!

I was completely blown away by our conversation last week.  I know it’s hard for y’all to live out, proud, and free at GHS.  The school is very different than when I graduated in 1993, but it’s still a tough place (with the same weird smell).

As you know, everything – including change – moves slower in the south.  Be as patient as you can.  Support each other.  Laugh as often as you’re able.  Scream when you must.  And most importantly… eat cookies.  🙂

This weekend my boyfriend and I watched the movie “Doubt.”  If you haven’t seen it, you should.  In a pivotal scene, a priest (played by Philip Seymour Hoffman) sits next to a young nun (played by Amy Adams) and attempts to explain why he chooses to show love to an outcast student – despite the consequences.  He says:

There are people who go after your humanity, Sister, that tell you that the light in your heart is a weakness. Don’t believe it. It’s an old tactic of cruel people to kill kindness in the name of virtue.

There’s nothing wrong with love.

When I heard this quote, I immediately thought about our talk last week.  Several of you said that you feel like you’re being told that they way you love is “wrong.”

I’m just wondering…  do you think this quote speaks to your situation?

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A big thank you to both Bryan and the Generic HS GSA, especially Ms. Courtney, for helping facilitate Bryan’s return. We know this was hard work for all of you and we appreciate your commitment and enthusiasm!


Every student should get to have Homecoming Projects like this one. Please fill out our conclusion survey and tell us how we can be better helping students like you.

[insert post-survey]


Thank you so much to everyone who has worked so hard to make this happen.

Keep checking back here to see more posts from Bryan and have a chance to respond back!

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There’s Nothing ‘Generic’ About Generic High School!!!!!

Hey Bryan!

We are so excited to have you come back to Generic High and tell us what you’ve been up to!

Here’s some things to know about our lil GSA:

1. We’ve been going strong for about 5 years now. I mean let’s be honest, if I left it up to the kids they’d probably watch Twilight at every meeting (TEAM JACOB! WOO!) but when pushed a little they are really hard working activists trying to make the school a better place for everyone.

2. We have a pretty gay friendly school environment here so the kids come to school everyday generally feeling safe, which makes my job (and yours) a lot easier.

3. They are a bunch of characters and they know it and they love it. For example, our GSA leader made all of our bake sale posters in the style of ANIMALS TALKING IN ALL CAPS (see I am also pretty certain, though they will not admit to it, that they are responsible for Who knew Judith Butler could be so FUNNY? Needless to say, they’re wordpress/blog/tumblr friendly so I think this will be a great way for y’all to get to know each other!

4. They are can be easily bribed by food.

5. We listen to Whitney Houston as a warm up to every meeting. We cannot deviate from this norm. They will throw things. Feel free to pick your favorite Whitney song to play when you come.

Well, I think that’s all for now. SOOOOOOOOO looking forward to meeting you!

-your loyal GSA adviser

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Greetings from a GHS Alum!

Hey GHS!  I’m really excited about coming back to Hometown USA in a few weeks to hang out with y’all!  It’ll be nice to be sit in a room filled with slow, southern accents for a while.  Thanks for letting me hang out with your group!

Before I show up at GHS, it might be helpful for you to know a little about me.   I’m pretty normal-ish.  I’m a reader and a writer.  Occasionally I’m a runner.  In a past life, I was a swimmer.  I’m also a former minister.  I hold an Undergraduate Degree in Religion and a Master’s Degree in Theology and Youth Education.  Although I’ve served in several churches, through a tangle of circumstances that is beyond the scope of this story, most of my career has been spent traveling around the country leading youth events.

When I was a minister, many of my friends who worked in churches thought I lived a charmed life.  I didn’t answer to a pastor, board of trustees, or finance committee.  Instead of working in one place, I traveled to youth events across the country to lead/invent programs, speak for conferences, and train youthworkers.  When I wasn’t on an airplane, I was working from my couch in a pair of pajama pants, brainstorming ideas.  My minister friends reminded me often that I probably didn’t fully appreciate how “good I had it.”

What they didn’t realize was that my southern, conservative, professionally Christian culture was crushing me.  They didn’t realize this because they didn’t know I was gay.

Obviously, as a minister trained in a very conservative tradition, to reveal that I was a homosexual man would not only cause the usual emotional rifts that often come with “coming out,” it would also end my ministerial career.

I decided to come out anyway.  In the Big Apple, where I currently live, I am free to be both a person of faith and a person who is comfortable with his sexual identity.  In NYC I stand with one foot planted in each of two divergent cultures.  To my gay friends I sometimes feel I’m a mystery because I am a Christian.  To my Christian friends I am often an intrigue because I am gay.

So… that’s a little about me.  I’ll fill in the gaps in a few weeks.  In the meantime, come up with some quesitons!!

I can’t wait to come back to GHS and see what things are like now.  I’ll tell you some of what it was like to be gay at GHS in the good ole’ days, but I also want you to tell me what it’s like there now.  I’m sure lots has changed.

Would you folks mind telling me a little about yourselves?

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Welcome to BLOG OUT LOUD!

Hello Generic High School GSA!

Live Out Loud is thrilled to welcome you to BLOG OUT LOUD, a component of Live Out Loud’s Homecoming Project!

Bryan Currie, a Genetic HS alum, will be returning to GHS on Thursday December 8th, 2011 to speak to you- the high school’s Gay-Straight Alliance- through Live Out Loud’s Homecoming Project.


Live Out Loud is a New York City-based, non-profit that hopes to enrich the lives of LGBT youth. The Homecoming Project is Live Out Loud’s newest initiative, helping “out” lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender men and women return to their high school and offer encouragement to students in GSA clubs, diversity groups, psychology classes, and other student organizations. We’d love for you to check out our website, “like” us on Facebook, check out our Youtube Channel, and “follow” us on Twitter!


This blog is designed for you- Generic’s GSA- to get to know Bryan and to stay in contact after he speaks at your school. Both Generic and your GSA advisor, Courtney Zehnder, will be able to post to the blog. We’d love for you all to comment with questions you may have for Bryan, news story or current events you’d like to talk about, or updates about your GSA! This blog is here for you all to have a voice and connect with a role model. It’s only what you make of it!

What YOU can do NOW:

CLICK HERE before you leave this page! (where survey link is inserted)

Visit BLOG OUT LOUD soon to see Bryan’s first post!

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