Welcome to BLOG OUT LOUD!

Hello Generic High School GSA!

Live Out Loud is thrilled to welcome you to BLOG OUT LOUD, a component of Live Out Loud’s Homecoming Project!

Bryan Currie, a Genetic HS alum, will be returning to GHS on Thursday December 8th, 2011 to speak to you- the high school’s Gay-Straight Alliance- through Live Out Loud’s Homecoming Project.


Live Out Loud is a New York City-based, non-profit that hopes to enrich the lives of LGBT youth. The Homecoming Project is Live Out Loud’s newest initiative, helping “out” lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender men and women return to their high school and offer encouragement to students in GSA clubs, diversity groups, psychology classes, and other student organizations. We’d love for you to check out our website, “like” us on Facebook, check out our Youtube Channel, and “follow” us on Twitter!


This blog is designed for you- Generic’s GSA- to get to know Bryan and to stay in contact after he speaks at your school. Both Generic and your GSA advisor, Courtney Zehnder, will be able to post to the blog. We’d love for you all to comment with questions you may have for Bryan, news story or current events you’d like to talk about, or updates about your GSA! This blog is here for you all to have a voice and connect with a role model. It’s only what you make of it!

What YOU can do NOW:

CLICK HERE before you leave this page! (where survey link is inserted)

Visit BLOG OUT LOUD soon to see Bryan’s first post!

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